Stage Presence School of Dance

November 2020 Newsletter 

Winter Celebration Recital:  When we started the registration process for the 2020/2021 season, I thought we would be in a great place to offer 2 recitals.  Unfortunately the pandemic is not quite done with us.  The theatres are not yet ready to open (though I have it on good authority they will be opening in the Spring!) so we cannot have the extra recital on the stage.

That being said, we would still like to have our Christmas Show and Tell week so our dancers will be starting to work on Christmas dances soon.  While in the normal world, we would have parents come in to view during the last week before classes, Kevin and I are working on a solution to allow everyone to see the dances from a safe place.  More details to follow as we work everything out.

All “winter recital costume” fees will be removed from your account.  If you have prepaid this amount, a credit will be placed on your account.  If you wish to have the money refunded, just send me an email and I will gladly etransfer to you.


Dress Code:  While we pride ourselves in being a little more relaxed in terms of dress code at SPSD, we do expect our dancers to dress like dancers.  NO JEANS or DRESSES for any dance classes.  A bodysuit, tights or dance pants or shorts and appropriate foot wear is required.  Hair is required to be neat and off the dancer’s face and neck.  For all classes except acro a bun or a high ponytail is required.  For acro, a low pony please.  No extra jewellery or other distracting doodads (cat ears, bracelets, necklaces, watches, Fitbits….) For competitive dancers – your attire for both Monday technique classes and Friday  choreo must be black with appropriate bun/ponytail and tights for ballet.  Thank you for your attention!


Dancer Bins:  As most would have seen, we have implemented new dancer bins at the studio.  These are for boots/shoes, mitts, jackets, etc.  Our goal is to avoid having the dancers wear their muddy/wet footwear across the dance floor once the mucky weather comes.  Though we have explained this to the dancers, can we please ask that you remind your dancer to take off their footwear before stepping onto the dance floor and to not put them on again until they are at the exit.  Boots should be first in the bin and then last out of the bin.  Thanks so much!!


Parent Accounts: As our dancers have now settled in to the classes they wish to take for the year, please feel free to begin to set your payment options.  We accept cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, Debit or etransfers to for your convenience.  Payments can be made monthly (just divide your total by 8 as we are now into November), quarterly, lump sums or all at once.  Whichever works best for you.  We do not take payments online.

  1. Please type into your browser:
  2. If you have logged in before, enter in your email address and password
  3. If you have never logged into the system before, choose “I am a current or returning account or student but this is my first time logging in.”
  4. Once you have logged in, you will be able to view your account balance, see all transactions on your account (fees applied, payments made, view classes, etc.   If you choose to view classes, please change the “session” to 2019-2020.)


Etransfers: When choosing etransfer, please ensure your full name is on your banking information.  We are getting etransfers with just the first name and we are unsure who to apply the payment to.  In addition, please have all passwords read SPSDDANCE.  Individualized passwords are very difficult to keep track of.  Thank you for your attention.


September and October payments NOW DUE!:  If you are wanting to pay in person, we do have Miss Hailey in the office on Tuesdays from 5-8pm.  Periodically we will have someone in on Saturday mornings as well.  We do however encourage etransfers/prearranged monthly payments to limit the number of people in the studio for safety.


Spirit Wear:  We’ve gone VIRTUAL!  All spirit wear can be ordered here through our website.  Any questions can be forwarded to our amazing suppliers, PK Sportwear.  Deadline for orders is NOVEMBER 15.  All orders can be picked up at the studio.


Less ‘Stuff” – Things look a little different this year at the studio – please send your dancer with a dance bag, dance shoes and water bottle (and outer wear for the walk to the car!).  Please leave the extra things at home (i.e. Barbies, jewellery, random toys from home...)  As we spray the dancer’s hands on their way out the door, holding everything but the kitchen sink makes it tough for them.  Also, please send the dancers in slip on shoes or boots to aid in a quick class changeover.  


Newsletters:  If you are reading this newsletter you found it online!  Please share with your fellow dance parents that this newsletter exists.  While we have no issue answering questions, the vast majority of the answers are located here!  It is also handy reference for the dates to remember.  


Dates to remember :

Christmas Dance Show and Tell Week: The dancers will be performing their Christmas dances Dec 15-19 in the studio.  

Christmas Break: The studio will be closed Dec 20, 2020 - Jan 3, 2021.  Classes resume Monday, January 4, 2021.

Family Day:  No classes Monday, February 15th , 2021.  Regular classes Saturday, February 13th, 2021

Competitive Showcase for Competitive Dancers:  To Be Announced once theatres open

March Break:  The studio will be closed March 14th, 2021 – March 21st , 2021

Easter Weekend:  No classes Friday, April 2nd, 2021 or Saturday, April 3rd, 2021.  Regular classes Monday, April 5th, 2021

Victoria Day:  No classes Monday, May 24th, 2021

Recreational Photo Week: To Be Determined

Spring Recital weekend: To Be Announced once theatres open


Thank you again for joining us this year.  We love seeing the dancers each week and we are so thrilled to see them progressing through such a crazy time.  The smiles, the laughter, the normalcy – it does so much for our hearts.

Another wonderful email I received last week – makes all the sleepless nights worth it!

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for all the hard work that you are putting into ensuring the studio is safe and comfortable for all of our dancers! I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the safety standards you’re taking as well as how smooth each night seems to go.  


E. came home quite excited last night to tell me all about the bins that you have now for them to use for their shoes and belongings! Lol.  We were actually just talking the other day and guessing how it will work in the winter when they have snowy boots/ shoes and such, so she was excited to come home and tell me all about the bins.  She was even going to share the idea with her teacher, as she is in a portable this year and that would be a great idea for them as well!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

 ~Miss Lorinda, Mr. Kevin, Miss Kristen, Miss Lauren, Miss Karen, Miss Zoey, Miss Glynnis and Miss Kasia