Recreational Photo Week

May 21-23, 2019



Tuesday, May 21

5pm – Junior Musical Theatre

5:30pm – Tuesday Future Stars

5:45pm – Miss Kristen’s Tuesday Mini Ballet

6pm – Miss Karen Tues Mini Ballet/Lyrical

6:15pm – Tuesday Tot Ballet

630pm – Miss Kristen Tues Junior Ballet

7pm – Tuesday Tot Tap

7pm – Intermediate Ballet

7:15pm – Tuesday Tot Jazz

730 – Intermediate Tap 1

730pm – Junior Tap 1

8pm – Intermediate Pointe


Wednesday, May 22

5pm – Miss Lauren Mini Acro

5:15pm – Intermediate Hip Hop

5:30pm – Miss Karen Mini Acro

5:30pm – Miss Karen Saturday Junior Lyrical

5:45pm – Miss Karen Saturday Mini Ballet

6pm – Saturday Future Stars

630pm – Miss Lauren Junior Acro

7pm – Intermediate acro

730pm – Miss Karen Junior Acro

730pm – Junior Hip Hop

8pm – Intermediate Lyrical

8pm – Saturday Junior Ballet


Thursday, May 23

5pm – Song and Dance

5pm – Mini Hip Hop

5:15pm – Saturday Mini/Junior Tap

5:30pm- Thursday Mini Jazz

5:45pm – Saturday Mini/Junior Jazz

6pm – Thurs Mini Tap

630pm – Saturday Tot Jazz

6:45pm – Saturday Tot Tap

6:45pm – Mini Musical Theatre

7pm – Junior Lyrical

7:15pm – Saturday Tot Ballet

7:30pm – Thursday Junior Jazz

7:45pm – Junior Tap 2

8pm – Inter/Senior Musical Theatre

8:15pm – Inter/Senior Jazz

8:30pm – Inter/Sr Tap


Class Photo Week - Survival Guide

When: The week of May 21st-23rd (Monday to Thursday)

Where: At Stage Presence School of Dance


Time:  As close to your dancer’s regularly scheduled dance class except for Saturday classes which have been placed throughout the week (schedule located in the studio) .  Saturday classes will run as per normal on Saturday, May 25th, 2019


What to wear: Your costume including required tights and dance shoes! Please note, your account balance must be at $0.00 to be able to take your costume home.  We are happy to accept post dated cheques to June to help with account balances.  In the event this is not possible before picture day, your dancer’s costume will be here for them to use and then returned after photos.


Make – up:  Not a lot of make up is required for photo day, however, the bright lights do tend to wash out faces a bit so we suggest foundation, blush and red lipstick at a minimum.  If you would also like to add a little mascara and/or eyeliner, you are welcome to.  The idea is just to enhance and avoid that washed out look.


Hair: On each costume we have noted how to wear their hair.  Please gel/hairspray back any bangs you can as bangs tend to make faces look smaller.  If your dancer is opposed to this, no worries.  


Your teachers will be on hand on picture day to help with any hair or makeup questions, concerns or challenges.  Come early if you will need a hand.


Payment:  Please note, all pictures must be paid for prior to the photos being taken.  For your convenience, you can pay with cash, cheque (made out to SPSD), Visa, MasterCard or Debit through the studio and we can forward to the photographer on your behalf.


During photos:  While we all want the best pictures possible and we are all very skilled at taking our child’s photo, we do ask that we allow the professional photographer to do his job.  If we have all the parents in the studio calling out names, etc., he will never get everyone looking in the same place.  He will do a great job – we just have to let him!  Thank you for your co-operation.

As long as everyone arrives promptly and ready to go, we find picture week to run on time and be a rather low stress situation.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in their beautiful costumes!