Future Star, Tot and Mini Stage Rehearsal – Fergus Grand Theatre

June 7th starting at 5pm.


Times are approximate.  Please come early.

 Once you are finished you are welcome to go home J



Tuesday Future Stars

Tuesday Mini Ballet (Miss Kristen)

Tuesday Tot Ballet

Tuesday Tot Jazz

Tuesday Mini Ballet/Lyrical (Miss Kristen)

Tuesday Tot Tap


Mini Acro (Miss Lauren)

Mini Acro (Miss Karen)

Saturday Future Stars

Saturday Tot Ballet

Saturday Tot Jazz

Saturday Tot Tap

Saturday Mini Ballet


Mini Hip Hop

Mini Musical Theatre

Thurs Mini Jazz

Thursday Mini Hip Hop

Saturday Mini/Junior Jazz

Saturday Mini/Junior Lyrical

Saturday Mini/Junior Tap

Stage Presence School of Dance Showtime Recital 2019 FAQ

  1. Date:  Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th .  10am, 2pm and 6pm
  2. Where:  Fergus Grand Theatre, 244 St. Andrews St. West, Fergus


  1. Do I have to buy a ticket for each show?

You are not required to buy tickets for each show, only the one (s) you are planning to watch.  Tickets will be available online through the Fergus Grand Theatre or at their box office beginning April 15, 2019.

  1.  Do I have to buy a ticket for my dancer?

No, they will not be watching from the audience.  We will have them assigned to a dressing area for the duration of the show.

  1.  If I want to buy a ticket for my dancer, can they watch after they are done performing?

We ask that the dancers all stay in their assigned areas.  As we are responsible for each dancer, it is far easier for us to keep track of them as per their dressing room assignment.  If dancers are in several places, the concern for us is that someone will not be where they are supposed to be and no one can find them.

  1.  Is there a rehearsal?

Yes, we are having a rehearsal on Friday, June 7th at 6pm.  The rehearsal will be for the Future Stars, Tots and Mini recreational dancers only.  Rehearsal order will be posted at the studio closer to the date.  .  Dancers can sit in the audience and watch until it is their turn.  They are not required to stay for every dance.  Once they are finished, they can go home and rest up for the weekend!  No costumes please!

  1.  What time should I bring my dancer to the theatre the day of their performance?

Please have your dancer at the theatre with hair and makeup done and either costume on or ready to put it on no later than 30 mins before showtime (9:30, 1:30 or 5:30)

  1.  How do I know how to do my dancer’s hair?

All information on hair, makeup and costume will be included with your dancer’s costume.  Please look for the sheet labeled “Costume information”.

  1. If my dancer is in more than 1 number and they are asking for different styles do I have to change it?

No it is not necessary.  The less stress the better.  If you have been asked for a pony tail and a bun, just put their hair in a bun.  It’s no problem.

  1. Do I or should I come help my dancer change if they have a costume change?

No – please sit back and enjoy the show.  We have volunteers to help out with costume changes.  We move through the show quite quickly and would prefer minimal moving from the audience.  It can be distracting.


  1.  Where do I take my dancer when we get to the theatre?

We will have “greeters” at the main entrance of the theatre.  Please go there and ask them where your dancer is to go.  This has been determined by age level (Future Stars, Tot, Mini, etc.)  Your Costume Information Sheet also lists your dancer’s level if you are unsure.  Once located, set your dancer up in their space, let our volunteer in the room know they are there and then feel free to leave them in the volunteer’s very capable hands.

  1.  Can I be a volunteer?

Yes please!  We need many volunteers to make our shows successful.  Please see volunteer sign up sheets on the wall by the large bathroom.  We will be supplying a volunteer’s guide as well.

  1.  Where do I collect my dancer from at the end of the show?

We will be bringing all the dancers back on stage for a final bow at the end of each show.  Please collect your dancer from the stage and then return to their dressing area to gather all their belongings up.  

  1.  My dancer is in the 10am and 2pm show, do I just leave them with you all day?

No, please collect your dancer after each show.  They will be bursting at the seams to tell you all about everything, get something to eat, a little rest and reapplying hair and make up to come back fresh for the next show.

  1.  Can I leave my dancer’s costumes, etc. at the theatre between shows?

SPSD is not responsible for any lost or misplaced items.  It would be best to take everything with you.

  1.  Can I park in the TD Parking lot for the rehearsal and the recital?

NO! TD owns and operates that parking lot and it is not for the use of the theatre during their operating hours.  Please do not park there! We get in trouble if you do .

Please be sure to bring some costume friendly snacks (grape juice and chocolate are not a good idea!), drinks and toys/books/games to entertain your dancer during the show.  While the shows are generally about an hour and do go by very quickly, it’s good to have some items from home for the littlest people.  We will have colouring books and water for them as well. Blankets are a great idea for minis and juniors in the tents.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions – we are here to make this a relaxing experience full of fun and great dancing for everyone!

Thank you again for a fantastic year!  Now on with the show!

~Miss Lorinda, Mr. Kevin, Miss Kristen, Miss Lauren, Miss Karen, Miss Kasey and Miss Anna

Showtime 2019

Saturday, June 8th, 10am


  1.  Hoop Dreams
  2. Junior Hip Hop
  3. Sat Mini Ballet
  4. Hot Note
  5. Sat Future Stars
  6. Anderson duet
  7. Thurs Jr. Lyrical
  8. Sat Tot Ballet
  9. Hooked on a Feeling
  10. Thurs Mini Jazz
  11. Junior Tap 2
  12. Believe
  13. Sat Tot Jazz
  14. Tues Jr. Ballet
  15. Sat Mini/Jr Jazz
  16. Waterfall
  17. Thurs Mini Tap
  18. Miss Lauren Jr Acro
  19. Straight Up
  20. Sat Tot Tap
  21. We Share Everything
  22. The Bullfighter
  23. Inter/Senior Lyrical

Showtime 2019

Saturday, June 8th, 2pm


  1. Abracadabra
  2. Sat Mini Ballet
  3. Miss Lauren Mini Acro
  4. Jr Tap 2
  5. Hey Mambo
  6. Senior Hip Hop
  7. Sat Future Stars
  8. Miss Kristen Mini Ballet (Group A)
  9. Trance
  10. Mama, This One
  11. Miss Lauren Jr Acro
  12. Inter/Senior Ballet
  13. I Got It
  14. Queen Bee
  15. Anderson duet
  16. Tues Jr Ballet
  17. Toccata and Fugue
  18. Thurs Mini Jazz
  19. Inter/Sr Tap 2
  20. Sat Mini/Jr Jazz
  21. Inter Pointe
  22. Emily’s Solo
  23. I Wish You Love
  24. Inter/Sr Lyrical

Showtime 2019

Saturday, June 8th, 6pm


  1. Boyz
  2. Miss Kristen Tues Mini Ballet (Group A)
  3. Senior Hip Hop
  4. Rocking Divas
  5. Thurs Mini Tap
  6. Sat Tot Jazz
  7. Thurs Jr Lyrical
  8. Inter/Sr Ballet
  9. Any Man
  10. My BFF
  11. Inter/Sr Acro
  12. Inter Pointe
  13. Emily Solo
  14. Junior Hip Hop
  15. Miss Lauren Mini Acro
  16. Sat Tot Ballet
  17. Running Up That Hill
  18. Inter/Sr Tap 2
  19. Every Heart
  20. Le Jazz Hot
  21. Don’t Want To
  22. Under the Sea
  23. Sat Tot Tap
  24. Inter/Sr Musical Theatre


Showtime 2019

Sunday, June 9th, 10am


  1. Junior Musical Theatre
  2. Big Spender
  3. Inter Hip Hop
  4. Sat Mini/Jr Tap
  5. Mackenzie solo
  6. Get Moving
  7. Tues Tot Ballet
  8. Karen Mini Acro
  9. Tues Inter/Sr Tap
  10. Speaking French
  11. Tues Mini Ballet/Lyrical
  12. Song and Dance
  13. Thurs Junior Jazz
  14. Tues Future Stars
  15. Call Me Back
  16. Inter/Sr Jazz
  17. Tues Tot Jazz
  18. Marching In
  19. Sat Mini/Junior Lyrical
  20. Lydia Solo
  21. The Fire Within
  22. Mini Hip Hop
  23. Joy



Showtime 2019

Sunday, June 9th, 2pm


  1. Junior Musical Theatre
  2. Miss Karen Mini Acro
  3. Thurs Junior Jazz
  4. Tap Love
  5. Song and Dance
  6. Tues Future Stars
  7. Miss Kristen Tues Mini Ballet (Group B)
  8. Pink Sunglasses
  9. No Education
  10. Sat Mini/Junior Tap
  11. Fabulous
  12. Mini Musical Theatre
  13. First Time in Forever
  14. Come On Everybody
  15. Tues Tot Tap
  16. Lydia Solo
  17. Tues Junior Tap
  18. Saturday Junior Ballet
  19. Miss Karen Junior Acro
  20. Hold the Drama
  21. Tues Mini Ballet/Lyrical
  22. Musical Chairs
  23. Sat Mini/Junior Lyrical
  24. The Reason

Showtime 2019

Sunday, June 9th, 6pm


  1. Me Ol’ Bamboo
  2. Miss Karen Jr Acro
  3. Shadows
  4. Forgive Me Love
  5. Inter/Sr Acro
  6. Tues Tot Tap
  7. Mini Hip Hop
  8. ABCs
  9. Tues Tot Ballet
  10. For Grandad
  11. Inter Hip Hop
  12. Tues Jr Tap
  13. You Are Worth More
  14. Sat Jr Ballet
  15. Tues Inter/Sr Tap
  16. Miss Kristen Tues Mini Ballet (Group B)
  17. Inter/Sr Jazz
  18. What Causes That
  19. Think
  20. Tues Tot Jazz
  21. Mini Musical Theatre
  22. Mackenzie Solo
  23. Clowning Around
  24. Inter/Senior Musical Theatre